Egyedülálló rendezvényhelyszínek Budapesten: La Vida DUNA és La Vida LOFT. Két egyedülálló hangulatú rendezvényhelyszín, ahol bármilyen rendezvényelképzelést megvalósíthat, legyen szó konferenciáról, esküvőről, születésnapról, vagy vevő találkozóról.

Event venues in Budapest

Are you looking for a unique event venue in Budapest?

La Vida Event Venues offers two event locations in completely different styles for you, in two central points of the city.

Event venue in 13th District of Budapest

Event venue rental in the 13th district.
La Vida Duna Event Venue located in the Business center of Budapest, in the 13th district, just a few steps from Árpád Bridge and Duna Towers. The event rooms offer proper locations from 30 to 300 people events. It is suitable for conferences, company parties, wedding parties, and exhibitions as well.
The rooms can be separated by mobile walls, therefore the size of the space can be suited for your event’s needs.

La Vida Duna’s clear, modern and elegant appearance will amaze your guests. Parking places can be found in the ambient streets, or we can offer you reserved places near to La Vida Event Venues.

The Duna event venue has a lobby of 140 m2, which could be a great place for welcome, registration and coffee breaks.
According to season we are able to offer cloakroom service as well.
The rental fee of the event venue is including the private use of the conference room, usage of basic PA system, free WiFi, full HD projector and screen, flip chart board and furniture.

According to your concept we are able to provide stable WiFi up to 200 devices as well!

Event venue in the 9th District of BudapestEvent venue rental in the cultural center of Budapest, in the neighbourhood of National Theater and MÜPA Budapest.
La Vida Loft venue is a great choice for any type of events like weddings, conferences and birthday parties.
Although the conference room is supplied with plenty of natural lights, dimming is also available. In the heat of summer, air conditioners ensure the pleasant temperature.

Parking places are available close to the entrance.
The rental price of the event venue includes the private use of the conference room, usage of the basic PA system, free WiFi, full HD projector and screen, one flip chart board and furniture.
The 120 m2 gallery provide unique atmosphere for having a meal, conversations and coffee breaks.

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